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WoD: Timeline [WIP]
The clan leaders led their remaining members out of the forest and traveled to the northern wilderness. Loners that didn’t want to follow stayed behind. Some did not survive the journey (those who have gone inactive or others that rp’ers can choose).  
[Backstories on how each character’s cat arrived to the new territory should be established prior to the rp reopening].
Adderstar, Crowstar, and Duskstar have to each choose a cave and the surrounding territory to claim.
As the only medicine cat to make the journey, Bee is tasked with interpreting the paintings on the cavern walls and telling the clan leaders what they mean. The clan leaders must then pass on the information to their tribes.
The tribes work together to figure out what prey and medicinals are available in the new territories, since those are the two most important parts of survival. Temporary truces are made.
The presence of the cats draws new predators in, and the tribe
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WoD: Windclan Territories part 3
Barkface & Duskstar
Barkface wondered aimlessly in the forest. Despite the rules being put in place by his leader and deputy, the stubborn tom still explored the lands. The different scents that littered the forest where more than prominent. He knew he was far away from Shadowclan and wondered deep into Windclan's territory. He was not fearful however. The tom came to grow egotistical. Knowing he could fend for himself, if he really needed to. Or the warrior could just charm his way out of any situation, feeling that not only his charisma, but his looks were the most divine traits given to him. Barkface paused, taking quick refuge by a tall tree. He wasn't tired, yet felt he deserved a quick rest due to his journey.
The Windclan leader was slinking about his own territory, simply having a little look around and making sure that there were no unwanted visitors. It wouldn't matter much, anyway - if Fogcloud weren't there, the camp and territory would be empty - so having
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WoD: Riverclan Territories part 2
Fawnflower & Sorrelfoot
Wandering across the sunny, river-filled territory, the pale, thick-furred she-cat would grin and gasp at every aspect of the terrain, from the notably shorter grass to the growing humidity in the air. Though Fawnflower had lingered around this area for quite some time, it seemed that she still hadn't explored every inch of the place. After her attention was caught by a lazily-moving creek, the feline casually trotted over and crouched beside it, with the intent to just simply have a drink - she didn't care much for any other cats at this moment, and was completely off-guard to any cat who may want to shock or startle her.
The lithe dame slowly padded around the forestry with her pastel gaze fixated upon the moving shape of a winged insect that began to flutter and dance before landing upon the medicine cat's nose. "Oh! Hi there," the soft dame murmured gently, giggling as the butterfly stood on her muzzle before bouncing off and flying away in
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WoD: Riverclan Camp part 1
Frostheart & Sorrelfoot
The winter pelted she-cat sat in the clearing of her camp, her tail was neatly curled around her paws, while her eyes were dull with boredom. Opening her jaws in a yawn she began washing herself before rising to her paws and trotting to the camp entrance. Frostheart pushed through the weeds, and pricked her ears immediately. Quickly she crouched down, keeping he belly low, she stalked a water vole. The creature was clearly clueless of her presence, and with recognition of the animals stupidity, Frostheart leaped after it, capturing it in her paws and taking its life with a swift bite. Silently she buried her prey to come back to it later and continued on with her hunt.
The lithe medicine cat had caught sight of the brightly-hued warrior, and slowly padded up to her with a nod and a smile. "Nice catch," Sorrelfoot mewed, after placing her bundle of herbs down onto the forest floor. "If you're heading to the stream, be cautious, the currents seem
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Inuyasha OCs: Wolves by nobarawolfgirl Inuyasha OCs: Wolves :iconnobarawolfgirl:nobarawolfgirl 4 0
WoD: Inuit Names
Suka – fast
Pukiq – smart
Akna – mother goddess
Tartok – dark
Miki – little
Atka – guardian spirit
Tuktu – deer
Nigaq – rainbow
Tapeesa – arctic flower
Chulyin – raven
Tonrar – spirit
Sedna – goddess of the sea
Yakone – red aurora
Kesuk – water
Tanaraq – granddaughter of the tundra
Ukiuk – winter  
Tomkin – home of spirits
Sesi/Anyu – snow
Siku/Cikuq – ice
Panik – daughter
Tunerk – gift
Tupilek – shaman
Iqniq – fire
Nukka – younger sister
Amaruq – grey wolf
Chena – name of a river
Sura – green leaf
Nanuq – polar bear
Aga – mother
Aupti – snow on the ground
Qilaq – sky
Aklaq – black bear
Suluk – feather
Massak – soft snow
Nini – porcupine
Kinaktok – sharp
K’eyush – cub
Shtiya – strength
Tuuq – ice pick
Ahnah – wise woman
Sesh – brown
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WoD: Starclan
The ancient tribes communicated with Starclan via the Northern Lights, or as the cats call them, the Aurora Spirits. To speak with the Spirits, cats would have to travel to where the lights touch the mountains. Once there, they could receive visions or be visited by the Spirits themselves. The Northern Lights were believed to be the lighted pathway to the heavens, guiding the spirits of dead cats to the afterlife among the stars.
The legend of Northstar tells the story of the first tribal leader. A fierce Maine Coon who struck out alone into the northern wilderness after losing his family to a cougar attack. He fought tooth and claw against nature’s harshest conditions, nearly losing his life in the process. During a snowstorm, Northstar became lost in the mountains and couldn’t find his way back to the caves. Desperate, he cried out to Starclan for help. The Aurora Spirits took pity on their champion, and came down to the mountaintops to help guide him home. When they appe
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WoD: Animals
Reptiles: red-sided garter snake, blue-spotted salamander, northern two-lined salamander, wood frog, northern leopard frog, boreal chorus frog, toad
Fish: Alaska blackfish, northern pike, walleye, longnose sucker, white sucker, lake whitefish, round whitefish, pygmy whitefish, brook trout
Rodents: squirrel, vole, snowshoe hare, mountain hare, weasel, marten, mink
Birds (only during summer months): thrush, white-throated sparrow, and black-throated green warbler | (year-round) grouse, crossbill, raven
lynx, wolverine, badger, fisher, gray wolf, coyote, red fox, brown bear, American black bear, cougar, golden eagle, rough-legged hawk
moose, reindeer, caribou, roe deer, bison, beaver, porcupine, river otter
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WoD: Medicinals [WIP]
Balsam Fir: applied directly to the skin to treat hemorrhoids & kill germs, used for burns/sores/cuts/tumors/heart & chest pains/cancer/inflammation/colds/coughs/warts/ wounds/pain-reliever, most fire-resistant tree
Black Spruce: use powdered resin to accelerate healing, can make fish traps/drying racks/snowshoe frames, can survive in completely dry soil and extreme cold weather because it has layered twigs
Eastern Red Cedar: aromatic oil that repels moths and beetles, the wood is very durable
White Fir: used topically or aromatically to promote calming/stabilizing/energizing effect, oil used to soothe skin/reduce stress/uplift the atmosphere
Fireweed Plant: common in boreal forests, has a purple flower, used to treat pus-filled boils & cuts by placing a piece of the raw stem on the afflicted area [draws the pus out of the cut or boil & prevents a cut with pus in it from healing over too quickly], also eaten as a source of vitamin A & C
Fern: Maidenhair used as a wash or poultice for b
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WoD: Taiga
The tribes are located in the northern Taiga of Canada/Alaska, also known as boreal forest or snow forest. The wilderness consists of coniferous forest (pines, spruces, larches). The snowmelt lakes and rivers stretch all across the territory, remains of the glaciers that once tore the earth’s crust apart. Much of the ground just below the surface is permafrost – land, water, or rock that has been frozen for more than two years.
The summers are short, lasting no longer than 3 months of the year. Temperatures range between 41°F to 86°F Average is 64°F. Winters can last between 5-7 months, and temperatures range between -65°F to 20°F. Average is -4°F.
Due to the constant freezing temperatures, the topsoil is thin and lacking in nutrients. The dirt is acidic from fallen pine needles, which allows only lichens and mosses to grow in the high boreal. The middle & southern boreal sometimes sprout herbs
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WoD: Lifestyle [WIP]
All four tribes used to be connected via underground tunnels, but the tunnels have since collapsed. The caves themselves were complex, with specified dens to fulfill their needs. One was for tribe meetings, one was for nursing den mothers, two were for prey (one for stripping the furs and one for storage), two were for medicinal purposes – storage and usage (these dens were highly sacred), one was for weapons, and the largest one was for tribe members to reside. The tribes relied on the furs of their prey to insulate their dens during winter months. Anything they were able to salvage from their prey, whether its fur, bone, or meat, was put to use.
Family groups were the most important aspect to the tribes. Any discord or unease within a family unit would result in a meeting mediated by the Chief to ensure that no bonds were severed or permanently damaged. If such actions occurred that could not be solved as a group, the cats of the family would meet with the Chief and Shaman indi
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WoD: Tribes
Chief ___ – Tribe of Mighty Mountains
Chief ___ – Tribe of Feral Forests
Chief ___ – Tribe of Whispering Winds
Chief ___ – Tribe of Rushing Rivers
The Tribe of the Rushing Rivers will rise when a glacial dam melts and a snowmelt river floods half of the Tribe of Whispering Winds tundra. Those that see it as a benefit will stay, and those that are appalled by it will leave.
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WoD: Revival
In a desperate attempt to revive the clans, Starclan called the three remaining leaders to travel north and bring their remaining clanmates with them. With so few numbers left in their ranks, Adderstar, Crowstar, and Duskstar joined forces and left the forest together. Starclan’s destination for them was unclear and difficult to determine, but they departed anyway. Those that refused to leave returned to the places they had originally come from, whether it was other clans or the comfort of a two-leg place.
Their travels brought many hardships, such as predators, thunder-paths, sickness, storms, two-legs, and starvation. With each moon that passed, Starclan’s vision of their final destination became a little clearer. Regardless, not everyone survived the journey. Those that did wondered whether it would be worth it in the end. 8 full moons later, Starclan granted the cats one last vision of their new home. It took another moon to arrive, but once they did, the cats were asto
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WoD: Backstory
Decades after the collapse of the four clans, Starclan had all but disappeared. There were no clans, no leaders, no trace of any clans ever existing. The forest, riverbanks, caves, and plains were empty. Small prey and large predators were all that remained.
By a stroke of fate, bands of loners and small groups were drawn to the woods. Cats started trickling in without fully realizing why. As more and more of them came together, rumors of the old ways started spreading from those who came from dissolved clans.
One night, terrible storms broke out. Heavy rains and floods ravaged the riverbanks. Whipping winds tore across the plains. Thunderstorms and lightning crashed throughout the forests and caves. Chaos and panic overtook the cats as they were scattered around the land in desperate search for shelter.
Days went by before the storms finally passed. Those that survived emerged stronger than ever, determined to find their foothold in the new terrain. As borders and territory were fough
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